Stewart's Ninety-Six Ranch
Paradise Valley, Nevada
Celebrating 150 Years
This website was created to allow you to learn more about our history and our ranching
operation. It was also created to give you more information about our 150th Anniversary
Celebration slated for August 2014. We are proud to share our 150th birthday with
the Great State of Nevada and our favorite western artist Charlie Russell.

The Ninety-Six Ranch of Paradise Valley, Nevada will celebrate 150 years in one
location and in single family ownership/operation in 2014.

We have planned a number of great events and we hope you will join us in celebrating our
150th anniversary.

Sunday, August 3rd - Bicycle Poker Run through Paradise. 9-3 - Firemen's Park. A self
paced ride through time. Up to 15 stops and your chance to see beautiful Paradise Valley, and
historic ranches not normally open to the public. Lunch and event t-shirt included - plus play
your best hand for great prizes. Sign up forms at Bikes and More in Winnemucca or on-line.
$25 per person - proceeds will be donated in memory of our friends Patrick Ferraro and
Christian Echevarria.

Tuesday, August 5th - Nature Walk and Lunch - Hinkey Summit 9 am. Led by USFS
experts and FFA volunteers, enjoy the natural splendor of the Santa Rosa Mountains from
atop Hinkey Summit. Then join the Stewart Family at their Hinkey Summit cabin for a free
lunch served by the Winnemucca PEO Sorority. This is free event, but pre-registration is
suggested to insure a lunch for everyone! Scouting and other youth groups WELCOME!

Wednesday, August 6th - Ninety-Six Ranch Sponsored Barrel Racing at Winnemucca
Sandy and Pat Battles along with Treese McClintoc will run our race. Time
onlys and informal coaching at 1 pm. Racing starts promptly at 5 pm. No cards required to run.
Added money and great prizes. Special races including amateur local race, mens, etc. Our
friends from Ormachea's Catering on site and will be fixing up some great chow for anyone
who's hungry. An FFA Alumni cash bar will also be on hand serving up icy cool libations.

Thursday, August 7th - Stock Family Reunion - At the Park in Paradise Valley, Nevada.
A greater Stock Family Reunion will be held beginning at 4 p.m. at the Park in Paradise Valley.
Local families will supply the main dinner and guests are encouraged to bring along a salad,
side or dessert. Frankie Peterson is organizing food and service 775 578-3550. Lots of time
for reviewing family histories and visiting with family and friends.

Friday, August 8th - Ninety Six Ranch Invitational Golf Tournament
in the morning and
Ninety-Six Ranch
Sponsored Roping event in Winnemucca later in the Day.
You can sign up for our golf Tournament at the Golf Course.
Our roping Event is a Tommy Lee Livestock Production and an ACTRA qualifer.
2/3rds payout plus $1,000 added money - also a $500 Geezer pot for teams who's combined
age is over 150 - all geezers who catch share in pot and Buckles for first place.

Saturday, August 9th - Ninety-Six Ranch Sesquicentennial Celebration, Dinner and
Concert at the Ranch in Paradise Valley
. Noon until 11 pm
Ranch tours, historical displays, Western Art
Show and sale, Presentations, Special Guests, Free BBQ Steak Dinner and Private Concert
featuring Country Newcomer Ashley Cook and four-time Western
Entertainer of the Year,
Dave Stamey. Stonerock DJ service from Elko will rock our world
with dancing under the stars until 11 pm.

We also hear we may get a few songs from our good friend Jerry Harper - this event just
keeps gettin better all the time

Sunday, August 10th
Services at Paradise Valley Community Church, 3 p.m.
Jerry Harper presiding

A little on our Current Operation - Ninety-Six Ranch

From a young homesteading German immigrant to one of Nevada's most iconic ranches...
A bit about our current operation.

Currently, we run a cow/calf operation. Our herd of nearly 800 mother cows runs on the same range and
land as founder William Stock used back in 1864.

Our commercial herd is all-English foundation stock of Hereford/Black Angus and Red Angus. We proudly
use Lilla Bell Hereford and Shaw Angus bulls. We have worked very hard over the past twenty years to
grow and maintain a herd that
moves well and easily through our tough desert range, calves easily, and
promotes a moderately framed female line
that produces great calves and enough milk to get the job done.
We use genetic selection, culling for the occasional observed problem disposition, as well as low
stress/best practices handling techniques to maintain a gentle herd of cattle. Disposition is very important
to us. Our steer calves, which we market through Allie Bear on Superior Livestock, are
always sought after for their gentle disposition, explosive growth potential and great grading. Lilla Bell's
outstanding registered Hereford bulls are at the heart of our replacement female genetics and overall cow
herd. Shaw Angus bulls help us achieve the hybrid vigor and explosive growth potential that we seek in
our steers for market. Each year, we feed (Lucy Reichel, Snider Livestock, Yerington, NV) and process a
few representative animals so we know exactly how we are doing and learn how and where we can

We are very proud that our all-natural calves have qualified for shipment to Japan and regularly top the
sale market. Our customers come back to our calves year after year, because their genetics and
management plan are sound and dependable. We use an all best-practices program of care for our calves
and whether vac 45 or straight off the mother cow, our calves are guaranteed to perform.

Our moderately framed mother cows produce even, growth oriented beef that thrive in our tough high
desert environment. Buyers know that once our calves hit California grass or the feedlot, they GROW
explosively, and once processed, our
beef grades beautifully.

The Ninety-Six Ranch of today still encompasses a little over 17,000 acres, but is a smaller and more
focused operation than in the past. Cuts to our grazing AUM's by federal agencies over the past 40 years
have made this necessary. Today, we also run in common with our neighbors Dave and Tom Cassinelli on
our permits. Also, mechanized farming has made it possible for our family to run the inside operation. The
always growing cost of maintaining employees has made us try to do more with fewer people and with
outside help. We depend on our family of three (Fred, Kris and Patrice) to run the ranch day to day. We also
use a small group dependable day working friends to help us
. (Tony Mentaberry, Sandralene Clah,
, Matt Mori, Shane Bell and Shaun Mentaberry)(as well as Dave Cassinelli's always great round-
up crews). Our nephew Shane Bell comes home from college each summer and runs our emergency water

hauling and haying operations. When it comes to branding work, we invite friends and make it a party. The
Bell, Mori, Harper and Miller families always come out and give us a hand.

In 2013
our family took its first trip to Germany to see Exten, the town that our founder William Stock grew
up in,
and visit with family, Shane Bell and Kris' parents Rod and Barbara Cook stepped in to help run the
operation while we were away.

It is with great honor and humility that we celebrate 150 years of continuous single family operation in
Paradise Valley, Nevada. We sincerely thank all of the friends, family and employees who have made this
milestone possible.

It is with great sincerity and humility that we thank all of the hundreds of employees,
family and friends who have been a part of the Ninety-Six Ranch family over the past 150 years. We
wouldn't still be around without all of you!

Fred, Kris, Patrice and Marie Stewart
Stewart's Ninety-Six Ranch
Boxes 14 and 45
Paradise Valley, Nevada 89426 USA
Kris, Fred and Patrice Stewart (775) 578-3311 or
facebook at stewarts96ranch